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Cindy, the Ego Breaker

Wanna bet?

Story: Domination

"...Her neck was a column of muscle, and her thick trapezius muscles sloped down to her broad shoulders. Her deltoids were
covered with a round cap of muscle that looked as large as a cantaloupe. The arms were huge, with bulging biceps and triceps
that squirmed like snakes under the bodysuit as she removed the sweatpants. Her enormous forearms tapered only slightly to
her thick wrists and large hands. Libby's breasts were small, but her chest and back were so thick that I estimated that she
would measure over forty inches around them.

Libby let her sweatpants fall and stood before me with her hand on her hips. I noticed that her lower body was even more
formidable looking as her upper body was. Her well defined abdominal muscles rippled under the tight bodysuit. Her thighs
were thick with muscle that writhed to get out of the suit as she flexed them. Her calves were as large as my thighs.

Libby slowly turned around, showing me the wide expanse of her back. Her glutes appeared hard as cannonballs, and she
raised on her toes to flex the calves to their fullest.

"Well, what do you think?" Libby asked as she turned to face me again. "Pretty impressive, isn't it?..."

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"I thought you fantasized about wrestling with women. But maybe I intimidate you just a little?" she smirked. "Tell you what - if
you pin me or make me submit..." her tongue lingered on the word, "just once, I'll go to bed with you, if you want. If you can't
beat me once, well, I'll figure something out..."

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"...My face was crushed into her left breast, but I felt no softness there. Libby was using her chest muscles to increase the pressure she was putting on my head, and it felt like two iron jaws crushing my skull. I began to see stars, and tried to tell Libby that I gave up, but nothing emerged from my mouth but a grunt...."

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"..I was scared of what she could do if she locked me between her enormous thighs.
Libby closed the distance between us slowly, an amused smile on her pretty face. I found myself trapped against a wall with
nowhere to run. Libby quickly lunged at me and caught me in a bear hug around the upper chest. I felt my ribs compress as she
constricted the circle of her arms. It was getting tough to breathe...

...She turned her back and walked over to take a sip of water from the bottle. The muscles in her back and legs were unbelievable. I knew that if I were to defeat this juggernaut even once I'd need all my strength, speed, and skill, but I knew
that Libby was stronger, faster, and better trained than I was. It looked hopeless...

In desperation I slapped and punched Libby's thighs, but it felt like hitting concrete..."

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"Well, now that you're a captive audience, so to speak, I'll tell you a little more about myself." Libby tensed her muscles again, causing me to gasp. "Pay attention, there'll be a quiz later. I'm five feet eleven, one hundred and ninety-four pounds, all of it bone and muscle. For the record, I have eighteen inch biceps, twenty-eight inch thighs, and nineteen inch calves. My measurements are forty-four, twenty-eight, thirty-five, and I'm a second-degree black belt in karate. Of course, the chest and hip measurements reflect muscular development, not tits and ass." She jolted me once again with a quick squeeze. "Make a noise or something so I know you're paying attention."

I managed a grunt, and Libby continued. "Believe it or not, I don't take steroids. I was always big and strong as a kid, and the other brats made fun of me. When I was fourteen I tried out for the track team at my high school. The coach was very big on weight training, and I took to it right away. The teasing stopped after I beat up one of the guys on the football team. I yanked him outta his car and left him on the street, bleeding and crying like a baby. I decided then that I'd push my body to the extreme, build as much muscle as I could, and then make the world pay for what I had gone through as a kid."

Her voice turned wistful. "I enjoyed it when that big fat slob was beggin' for me not to hit him again. I figure there's a lot of sadism in me, and I need to let loose once in a while." Libby paused and reminded me again to pay attention, just a light squeeze. "I like to dominate other people, and there's not too many people I can't dominate, so I do!" She grabbed my hair and yanked my head back to look into my eyes. "Now you'll see just how dominant I am."

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Good," she smiled as she watched me rise. "Ready for some more pain?"
She reached out with both hands, fingers spread. "I wanna see just how strong you are, Luv. C'mon, let's hold hands." Libby gestured for me to lock hands with her. "What's the matter, Jimmy? I thought you'd like to hold hands with me."

I could see no way out. Cautiously I reached out my hands and locked fingers with hers. Libby waited until I had secured a
satisfactory grip, then locked her fingers down. She yanked me closer until we were standing chest to chest. Libby's powerful
squeeze almost immediately forced me to my knees before her. I found myself staring into her crotch while she crushed my
hands in her iron grip. Tears ran down my face from the incredible pain she was inflicting

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"Damn, you're really a weakling, aren't you?" she chuckled. "I try to give you an even chance and you're bawling inside ten
seconds." Libby shook her head. "Well, I guess I'll have to give you an advantage." Libby turned her back to me. "Go ahead,
get any kind of hold you want on me."

I decided to put Libby in a full nelson. As quickly as I could I got to my feet and slipped my arms under hers, then locked my
hands behind her neck. Libby's shoulders were so broad that I had trouble getting my hands together. Libby waited patiently
until I had a secure grip. "Satisfied?" she asked. "Is that the strongest grip you can get?" When I replied in the affirmative, she
gave just a slight shake of her head. "Too bad."

Slowly Libby started to force her arms down, expanding her shoulders. I desperately tried to maintain the hold, but found my
hands being forced inexorably apart. With one quick move she drove her arms down, completely breaking my grip. She turned
to face me, a triumphant gleam in her eyes. "Seems like your best just isn't good enough. Is there another hold you'd like to try?"

"Will you let me get you in a body scissor?" I asked.

"Anything you want, Luv." Libby turned her back and sat on the floor in front of me. "You wanna do it from behind me, or from
the side?"

"Behind you, I guess," I replied. I sat behind her and wrapped my legs around her middle. I noticed that the sides of her waist
were lined with muscle.

"Get as tight a lock as you can, Baby. Lock those ankles tight," Libby said. "You'll need all the advantage you can get."

I pulled her back as far into my crotch as I could, knowing that the tightest lock would be high up in my thighs. Libby leaned
back comfortably.

"You might wanna tie up my arms, too," she suggested. Maybe hook your arms under mine and lock your hands behind my
back." I did as she said, interlacing my fingers as tightly as I could. "Ready?" Libby asked.

"OK," I said, "now try to get loose." I tightened my legs around her waist, trying to crush her abdomen. My thighs made no
impression on Libby's muscular waist. She seemed utterly relaxed as I tried my best to make an impression on her.

I could hear Libby humming to herself as she lay back in my grip. I didn't seem to be causing her any discomfort at all. Angrily I
tightened my hold as much as I could, trying to wrench her arms even further behind her back. Libby didn't even seem to notice.

Slowly I realized that my arms were being forced apart. Libby pulled her arms slowly to her front. My arms trembled from the
effort of trying to hold those powerful limbs. My hands were pulled apart, and I grabbed her arms with my hands as she
stretched them forward. Libby ignored the grasp of my hands as she began to force my legs apart. I could feel the muscles of
her arms swell as she pushed against my legs.

It was no contest. Libby's arms proved stronger than my arms and my legs put together. She shook off my grip and got
triumphantly to her feet. I looked fearfully up at her, not knowing what she planned to do next. Libby threw her head back and
laughed, raising both fists to the ceiling in victory. I tried to crawl away from her, but she leaped on me before I could escape.
Libby sat down behind me and yanked my head back by the hair, pulling my head down into her crotch. She quickly locked her
ankles, trapping me in a reverse head scissor.

"You never had a chance, Babycakes, not against me," Libby crowed. "I outweigh you by twenty pounds, and I have at least
twice your strength. Now you're gonna see just what I can do when I really wanna give someone a little squeeze."

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I vaguely became aware that Libby was standing in front of me again. I noticed that she had removed the black bodysuit that
had covered her from neck to ankles, and down to her wrists. I let my gaze travel slowly up her body, awestruck by the sight of
her naked muscles. They seemed even larger with nothing covering them.

As Libby turned back to face me, I could her face was stern. "I don't show this body to just anyone," she said. "You're very
lucky to be so favored." She walked until she was standing over me, my eyes on a level with her vagina. "Now, beating
someone like I just beat you usually gives me enough pleasure, but I need something more tonight." Libby pushed me over
backward with her foot, then knelt over my head. "As long as you're down there anyway," she began with a mocking grin, "you
might as well give me what I want."

This time Libby shook me awake. "C'mon, slave, I need you to wash me." When I started to protest, she added, "Or do you
need some more training?" Flexing her biceps threateningly, she waited for my reply.

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Story: Cindy, The Ego Breaker

" I hear that you don't think a woman can beat you at arm wrestling, wrestling and boxing. Are you already having some second thoughts ? I'm going to take your ego apart and put it back together like I think it should be. I'm going to really put some power into this little demonstration, not too much because I don't want to break anything, yet..."

"...It was hard to talk through the pain but I managed to say what she had asked me to say; but the pressure continued as Cindy
looked up in a thoughtful pose. " That was fun. Wonder what else I can make you say? Oh, say Cindy you are too strong for
me. I'm only a weak little wimp." I hesitated and she squeezed a little harder and I said it.."

Rest up little man while I change into some wrestling clothes and then you really get a lesson about who is the stronger sex...Look at these long legs and think about this, they are so strong that I have yet to scissor a man and not have him either beg for mercy or mostly they get knocked out.

And she slowly undid her robe and let it drop to the floor; I heard myself gasp as I looked at her standing there in a two piece. She turned her back to me and raised up on her toes causing her calf muscles to flex into their diamond shape. Then she turned toward me and flexed her thighs.

Finally Cindy caught me in a body scissors and squeezed me so hard that I submitted several times. She kept the pressure up
and as I would exhale she tightened the hold more. " What's the matter, big boy, can't you breathe ? Is this little girl too much
for you. Feel how hard my thighs are. And you said it was hog wash that a woman could beat a man. Beg me to pin you or I'll break you in half. "

Cindy stood in the middle of the room and motioned to me to come to her. She flexed her arms again and said, " Come and feel them again. Let's see your muscles, little man, mine seem to be much harder and better developed. You are about to feel how strong they are. "

Story: Wanna bet?

" Are youready ? You know it takes a lot of strength to really work an effective body scissors. Put your hands here on my thighs and feel my muscles. " Slowly she began to put on the pressure. I felt the cords of muscle harden; and in almost no time I could feel the inner thigh muscles pressing on my ribs...."

"..While you "rest" I'll let you enjoy some muscle poses. I want you rested so that you'll last a little while. " She squatted down in front of me, placed her hand on my chin, lifted my head up and flexed the most powerful looking bicep I've ever seen. " Go ahead, feel it. Does it make you feel weak ? I'll bet yours is smaller and softer. Flex and we'll compare muscles." I did and she was right. " Gosh, it is small and feels like mush compared to mine. Ok, feel these thighs." She placed her legs up to my head and flexed. Then she raised up on her toes & flexed her calves. It took both hands to go around her legs even most of the way..."

Linda's my name - and destruction of male's my game. I'm 19 years old; measurements of 39D - 26 - 36. My biceps are 16 " flexed, and my legs are 24 " thighs and 15 " calves. You never stood a chance against me, but it was fun to completely destroy you. 

Story: Beach Walk

"...See what happens when you mess with us?" she declared. She clenched her fist and flexed her huge biceps right in front of my eyes. "I could put your lights out with this," she threatened. "You puny little boy."

No. Don't!" I begged. She towered over me, power oozing from every inch of her muscle packed physique. She reached down and picked me up under the armpits, lifting me over her head. "Now say you're sorry," she ordered. I quickly stammered my apologies. She threw me down on my back and held me down with one foot planted on my chest. I stared at the bulging calf, up to the swelling mass of her imposing thigh. Her leg was very long and shapely....Her muscles  felt so big, so solid! ..."

If you had arms like these you wouldn't be a little slave boy, would you?" Leslie taunted me. She cocked one arm and the biceps swelled up into an imposing display of power. I was awed by its size. "But instead you're just a feeble little man, incapable of standing up to a woman like me. How does that make you feel, knowing how much bigger and stronger I am?"

I averted her gaze, finishing applying the sunscreen to her other arm. She waited for me to finish and then hit a double biceps pose. "So what do you think of these, little man?" she demanded to know. "They're big. Very big." I answered softly.

"They make you afraid of me, don't they?..."

You'd love to worship every square inch of this big muscular body of mine, wouldn't you? Feel these huge muscles?" She ran her hands over her bulging arms and shoulders.


"Give up now," she barks "Or I'll wrap my legs around you and squeeze the shit out of you." I know better than to invite one of Bonnie's potent scissors holds. "Okay. Okay. You're killing me. You win." I plead

She lets my arms go and runs her palms up over her thighs. She crosses her hands and grips her biceps, tensing them as she
massages. "I think these have gotten a little bigger. I've really been working them lately."

"The bigger they are, the stronger I get. And the stronger I get, the more impossible it becomes for you to beat me." she says, continuing to rub in her victory. "That and the fact that I'm made of steel," she adds, clenching her fists and pounding hard on her tight abdomen for emphasis.